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Funny Games : Double Wires
Posted on 19 Apr 2007

spiderman double wiresAct like Spiderman, use the wire to move forwards.

Funny Games : Boxing 2 On 2
Posted on 14 Apr 2007

boxing 2 on 2Prepare for four-handed fisticuffs.

Funny Games : Yoko Ruta
Posted on 12 Apr 2007

yoko rutaPuzzle game, get the key to clear level.

Funny Games : Mini Soccer
Posted on 09 Apr 2007

mini soccerShoot the ball to score goals, funny soccer game.

Funny Games : Prison Breakout
Posted on 06 Apr 2007

prison breakoutWe go tonight, get out of jail.

Funny Games : Power Rangers
Posted on 03 Apr 2007

power rangers gameThe Hidiacs have taken Udonna deep into the pit. Only the mystic force rangers can help her.

Funny Games : Professor XYZ
Posted on 01 Apr 2007

professor xyzBuild a security system to prevent thiefs from opening the safe.

Funny Games : The Polar Express
Posted on 30 Mar 2007

polar expressPolar Express. Jump and run to get your tickit before the time runs out.

Funny Games : Rabbit Punch
Posted on 29 Mar 2007

rabbit punchPush spacebar to flick your finger and hit the rabbits into the hole.

Funny Games : Oreo O's Extreme Creme Control
Posted on 26 Mar 2007

oreo's controlBuild the longest pipeline before the creme bits pour out.

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