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Funny Games : Arctic Quest
Posted on 19 Sep 2008

funny gameIn Arctic Quest, you set out to solve the puzzles, each of which takes the shape of an animal or other tropical wonder.

Funny Games : Living Room Race
Posted on 17 Sep 2008

funny race gameLiving Room Race, funny little racing game.

Funny Games : Serve or Die
Posted on 12 Sep 2008

funny gameServe or Die, funny game you have to serve othervise you will die.

Funny Games : Distraction
Posted on 10 Sep 2008

funny gameChick Flight, funny flying game and don't get distracted.

Funny Games : Venco Puzzle
Posted on 09 Sep 2008

funny gameFunny puzzle game, find the way to the exit.

Funny Games : Battle of the Worms
Posted on 08 Sep 2008

funny gameBlast worms, aim for a worm's open mouth to earn points.

Funny Games : Tak Race
Posted on 07 Sep 2008

funny race gamePick your car and beat the other tribes by being the first to complete the laps.

Funny Games : Mahjong 3D
Posted on 06 Sep 2008

funny puzzle gameMahjongg solitaire is a puzzle game based on a classic chinese game, the goal is to remove all tiles from the board.

Funny Games : Car Parking
Posted on 02 Sep 2008

funny car gamePark your car as fast as you can, without hitting others car.

Funny Games : Turboracer
Posted on 29 Aug 2008

funny gameRace three laps on a racetrack, before times run out.

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