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Funny Games : Harry the Hamster 2
Posted on 12 Aug 2008

harry hamster gameHelp Harry get all 10 pieces for the wheel.

Funny Games : Speed Shot
Posted on 09 Jul 2008

speed shot gameDrive your new car as fast as you can and avoid objects on the road.

Funny Games : Volcanic Golf
Posted on 21 Jun 2008

play golf gamePlay golf as the stoneage people did.

Funny Games : Bumper Boat Bonanza
Posted on 12 Jun 2008

bumper boat gameFunny game, earn points for bumping into other boats.

Funny Games : Wild Kite
Posted on 26 May 2008

wild kite gameFunny kite game, use your mouse to manoeuvre.

Funny Games : Acres of Gold
Posted on 22 Apr 2008

funny gold gameJump from gold rock to gold rock to avoid death and get trough.

Funny Games : Gold Burger To Go
Posted on 18 Apr 2008

funny puzzle gameYour job is to, drop the burger onto the tray and send it rolling.

Funny Games : Goldminer SE
Posted on 11 Apr 2008

funny gameUse your claw and reel to mine gold.

Funny Games : Pinboliada
Posted on 06 Apr 2008

pinboliada gameFunny pinball/bounceout style game.

Funny Games : Ball Control
Posted on 27 Mar 2008

funny ball gameFunny balance game, get control of the ball.

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