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Funny Pictures : I Beat Anorexia
Posted on 06 Feb 2007

beat anorexia t-shirtHe Beat Anorexia Indeed.

Funny Pictures : Car Crash
Posted on 31 Jan 2007

car crashWhich car came first?

Funny Pictures : Crazy Car
Posted on 29 Jan 2007

fully equipped carThis car must be fully equipped.

Funny Pictures : Truck Block
Posted on 26 Jan 2007

road blockedThis truck has indeed blocked the road.

Funny Pictures : Deep Shit
Posted on 23 Jan 2007

middle east in deep shitNo wonder the Middle East is in deep shit.

Funny Pictures : Bigfoot
Posted on 20 Jan 2007

bigfootBigfoot was here grinning

Funny Pictures : Customer Service
Posted on 18 Jan 2007

funny picIt's nice to have a good service for the customers.

Funny Pictures : The Pope and Bush
Posted on 16 Jan 2007

the pope meeting bushThe Pope and Bush meeting.

Funny Pictures : Big Shopping
Posted on 14 Jan 2007

shopping timeNow it's shopping time. Do I need a driver license for this?

Funny Pictures : Drive Safely
Posted on 13 Jan 2007

drive safelyThe faster you get, the faster you go.

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